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daily log

09:30 – dog walks next to my bed and cries, screams, whins untill i pick him up so i can go back to sleep.

09:45 – 15 minites have passed and still not asleep. wondering should i turn my computer on and surf the web.

09:46 – thinking i might be late for work if i turn on my computer.

10:00 – still awake on bed. and not a sleep. while dog is inside the bed, under the sheets. sleeping in a warm center.

10:40 – Iphone alarm on. could not move. being so lazy.

11:03 – gets up and walks go to bathroom. while brushing teeth thinking about the 2 minute teeth brushing rule, how long have i been brushing my teeth ? i think about 38 seconds.

11:04 – put warm water in comb and comb my hair .

11:10 – put clothes on and went to work.


21:38 – come home and dog is waiting at the door, happy to see anyone walks in the door. very exiting and jumping

21:40 – turns on my computer. have nothing to do.

20:00 – going to google and search tv shows where i can watch online, trying to keep up with the shows i like and i missed.

01:40 – take a long shower and then go to sleep.

02:39 – sleep

02:48 – wakes up turns on the desktop and start looking for any tech news. have not been to for over 2 years. browse thru the site. does not feel like old time. went to friends game server and play for 14 minutes.

03:14 – got really bored. goes to sleep .

day ended


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